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Where is the humanity?

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Texas Man Exonerated Of Rape By DNA Evidence Freed After 27 Years In Prison

“HOUSTON — Imprisoned for 27 years for a rape he didn’t commit, Michael Anthony Green walked out of jail a free man on Friday and in the process was able to leave behind some of the anger that had fueled his survival behind bars.” Huffington Post, July 31, 2010

Ok….I am angry right now. I do not accept the death penalty! My wish is that every inmate have their DNA tested as well as any evidenced that was taken. This is unacceptable and then to add insult to injury he was still shackled and handcuffed. Where’s the humanity?

And the sad part was when my husband, who is Dutch and white said, “I bet he is Black…”. Ohhhhhhhhhh I get so sad and mad at the same time and that’s not good. When I think of all the possible men and women who have been executed or are on death row, and may even be innocent (sigh).


Written by Benilda Pacheco Beretta

July 31, 2010 at 5:34 pm

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