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It was tougher then we thought

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Awhile ago I posted a comment about using your mind sometimes instead of your heart. Recently we made the toughest decision of our lives. We were raising our grandkids and it took a toil on her health and emtional status. We wanted to be grandparents and not parents all over again. We found we could not give them the nurturing they needed since we needed some nurturing ourselves. I had surgery and my husband needs extra care. Luckily we have two people who have been weekend parents for our kids, and they are the most wonderful, energetic, and unselfish people we know. We are trying an experiment, which is we will be making a switch. We are the weekend parents as well as holiday parents, but most importantly we will be rested grandparents. It is very difficult for us, but they are finally having fun. Also, they have two dogs to play with. We felt bad because we thought we were going to be the best parents and maybe become better parents then we did with our own children. I applaud the grandparents raising their grandkids. But please to the mothers of tomorrow, let your mother become the loving grandparent to your children. We wish We were twenty years younger, but unfortunately we are not. I hope someday they will see that we love them with all our hearts, and that the decision to co-parent with Herman and Ronald will be a unique and special experience for all of us. They have not lost us, on the contrary, we have made our family into a bigger, less stress, and loving family.


Written by Benilda Pacheco Beretta

September 1, 2010 at 7:02 pm

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