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If I confess to you, will you listen? Will you absolve me of all of my wrong doings and do away with the guilt that consumes me? But you are flesh and blood like me…who made you God… And if there is no God…why do I have to purge myself to you? And if you are God…then there is no need to confess… Because you know the truth…even if it is my truth…


It obvious we take within us all the ideas and sensations that excite us and then turn around and spit out something new and different, but we must not succumb to mimicking or else it is not an original but a mirror of it.

I choose to look on the bright side without looking back…without looking at something that would hold back our dreams and aspirations…of creating something that would tickle our fancy and make us smile…because we need to smile. The frown torments and distorts our fears elevating them to uncontrollable twitches of uncertain dreams.

When I look I see what I see… It is in my head, but does not talk back to me to answer my questions but rather it puts everything in suspension until I dig deeper and figure out the maze of hidden messages struggling to appear… To you…and to me…

Opening my mouth sometimes there is silence because I cannot put into words my ideas into something that makes sense to others…pero entendiendo… Does not set me free, at least not for long..

Lengua extranjera preguntame…no entiendes? Yo tampoco…

I can’t understand myself sometimes…I think in two tongues…one cancels the other and so nothing comes out…at least nothing of significance…for now at least…


Written by Benilda Pacheco Beretta

October 28, 2010 at 10:07 am

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