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Transmedia Storytelling Around The World: Henry Jenkins | Transmedia Storytelling Berlin

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Must read! “As thinking has converged around transmedia, it has provided a banner which can be carried by people working across the entertainment industry and thus we can make a stronger push for the kinds of storytelling practices which we would expect to emerge within a networked culture. There have been stories told in multiple media throughout human history. We could argue that the first cave paintings were at least multimedia in the sense that archeologists believe they were used in live performances which might involve sound and gesture. The emergence of digital networks have signaled new potentials to disperse experiences across a range of different media platforms and allow readers to find the scattered pieces and reintegrate them as they pool their knowledge online.”

See on www.transmedia-storytelling-berlin.de


Written by Benilda Pacheco Beretta

July 27, 2012 at 12:35 am

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