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Storytelling and Connecting Through Sound

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Storytelling is something I have been passionate about since before I can remember. I’ve always loved listening and telling stories traditionally (spoken, written) and as a child of the digital revolution, through pictures (Instagram & EyeEm), gifs (Loopcam) and most importantly through sound (SoundCloud, ThingLink). Working with creators who use sound to express themselves has been extraordinary and at times challenging, but consistently mind blowing to behold.


Something that has struck me while working with so many community members who create beautiful sounds is the storytelling aspect of their actions.


Musicians tell stories through a pluck of a string, actors tell stories through a drop in tone or pause, poets tell stories through their words, and so on and so forth. When their stories are told through sound they are given little wings that metaphorically sprout and allow their stories to be heard across the globe. It is a beautiful thing!

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Written by Benilda Pacheco Beretta

September 15, 2012 at 11:57 pm

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